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Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park in Tanzania encompasses the stunning wetlands of the Ngurdoto Crater, Momela Lakes and Mt Meru (extinct volcano).  See animals via a relaxed game drive in these beautiful Highlands. For something a little bit different, you can go canoeing on the Crater Momella Lakes.

Location & size:

Arusha National Park is situated to the east of the Great Rift Valley in Northern Tanzania and covers an area of 137km2.

Landscapes & vegetation:

Arusha National Park lies in the foothills of Mt Meru & Mt Kilimanjaro.  The local Warusha people regard Mt Meru as sacred and sacrifice a bull or sheep every year in an offering to the mountain to ensure rain in the coming season. 

Get straight into your adventure with a relaxing game drive through the ancient fig tree forests of Arusha National Park.  Part of the park is know as Serengeti Ndogo (Little Serengeti). Streams bring crystal clear waters from the surrounding mountains forming beautiful crater lakes.  The majestic Mt Kilimanjaro forms a stunning backdrop for your activities.


Have your first encounter with African wildlife in Arusha National Park, including hippo in the permanent wetlands, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, zebra, warthog, waterbuck and the endangered black & white colobus and blue monkeys. Kirk's dik-diks are common in Arusha National Park.


There are over 420 bird species to be seen around Arusha National Park and  Ngurdoto Crater is home to a myriad of stunning resident and migratory bird life.  These include variable & collared Sunbirds, Little bee-eaters and raptors such as Bateleurs & Martial eagles.  In season you will also see Eurasian migratory water birds such as Maccoa ducks as well as Grey herons and Flamingos on Momela lakes.

Birding in Arusha Nat Pk - more info


Herping in Arusha National Park is exciting and will yield a variety of reptiles.  You should see one of the park's 5 chameleon species; these include the Gracile chameleon and two endemic species; the Kilimanjaro two-horned chameleon and a subspecies of Jackson's chameleon.  Turner's thick-toed gecko, a gregarious species, can be found under rocks in rocky areas particularly on lake shores.

Herping in Arusha Nat Pk - more info

  • Spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Meru.
  • Relaxing bush walk.
  • Ancient fig tree forests.
  • Beautiful crater lakes & permanent wetlands.
  • Hippo, buffalo, giraffe & elephant.
  • Over 420 bird species.
  • Enjoy sunset with a glass of wine.



Dik dik
Kirk's Dik dik (Madoqua kirkii)

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